This is a discussion group for people to share their experience of going through the Strengths and Spiritual Gifts assessment. Some of these are listed on Story of Redemption. But this provides an interactive forum for people to post their own testimonies about how this process has blessed their lives and the lives of others.

So, how did the Strengths and Spiritiual Gifts assessment help you grow in your faith, reach out to others, or bless your family/marriage? What was your experience with the assessment?

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I guess I had always thought I didn't really have any spiritual strengths. It wasn't until my evaluation process with james that he helped me to understand that things that I had been doing all my life were actually gifts God had given me. Knowing that made me feel empowered. I started concentrating on those areas when I interacted with people. One thing that I have started doing is using my strength as a communicator and encourager and have started doing a weekly devo for friends of mine at work. I simply write about things on my heart and email my friends. The results have been amazing! It seems every time what was put on my heart, was not only something I needed to hear, but something that really ministered to someone else. Its crazy! When you minister to people you are in return ministered unto. My relationships at work have been strengthened! I've even started sharing the devos with one of my classes!
Debra, thank you so much for sharing this. You are indeed making a difference in many lives with your Communication strength and weekly devo thoughts. I have also been thrilled to see your involvement in Let's Start Talking/Centurion Project and in the divorce care and recovery ministry. You have so much to offer God and others! You are a great encouragement to me.
The strengths and spiritual gifts assessment helps to focus you on serving in areas where you have natural abilities and that come easy for you. This not only makes serving in those areas more enjoyable but also more effective. The assessment process helps you to grow in your faith as you use your strengths and spiritual gifts and see people's lives being blessed you not only get satisfaction from blessing their lives but you want to serve others and serve more! So that kind of feeds on itself and you find yourself wanting to serve more and more. And, all from finding out what it is that you are naturally good at. My experience with the assessment was that I saw a few things that I thought were spiritual gifts and I wasn't surprised by them, but there were other gifts that were brought out in the assessment process which I didn't realize that I had and I was emboldened to begin using them after learning that I had them.:)
Steve, thanks for sharing this! I was also struck how you used your pastoral care/shepherding gift to help mentor a woman at your work who was struggling with addiction. You showed that this gift--which is often thought of as being only applied to Christians--can be used to reach out and bless people outside of the church.
Thank you, Paige, for sharing your testimony about this! I really enjoyed going through these with you and David. God has blessed you richly with many strengths and gifts. As you say, once you identify these, name them, and set some goals, you begin to see so many opportunities to be used by God.

Becki told me that you have invited a non-church friend to the women's booktalk. Wonderful! Glad to see you following up on your goals. I am so encouraged! It was really a great day at worship today, and when Becki told me how you were reaching out like this, I was very touched. Thank you!


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