Creator of Missional Outreach Network
Education: D.Min. in Missional Church, Evangelism, & Postmodern Culture, Fuller Theological Seminary (currently finishing final paper)
Minister at Grapevine Church of Christ, Grapevine, TX
Vice-Chairman of Board of Genesis Alliance (Latino Church Planting Non-Profit)
Certified Coachnet Coach
  • Are you looking to reach out to your community? Need help in reaching the lost? Wanting to better connect with younger generations?
  • Are you seeking to bring about missional transformation in your church, or are you planting a new, missional church?
  • Are you ready to bring your life and ministry to the next level?
I am here to help! I have coached church planters, minsters, ministry leaders, and members in missional and evangelistic outreach, leadership training and development, Spiritual gifts assessments, ministry, and life transformation. As a minister, I very much understand the challenges, stresses, and frustrations of ministry, as well as the incredible joys. I would love to talk with you.
I also consult with churches and give both a Missional Outreach Seminar and a Spiritual Gifts Seminar. To explore a coaching relationship together, or schedule a seminar, please email me a I look forward to hearing from you!


Testimonial from Matt Brunk, Coachee, for James Nored, Coach

"As a successful business owner for 8 years, I have worked with many managers. My business has $1.9 million in revenue.  Our office works with over 1,500 clients.  I understand that time is money.

Finding a person who is successful, has strong leadership skills and has a genuine interest in seeing others improve personally, spiritually and professionally is hard to to.

In the past 6 months, James has helped me become much more "self-aware.". He helped me look inside myself and think about what kind of man, Christian, husband, father, friend, business owner I wanted to be.  He led me through the monthly process of setting goals, designing realistic action plans and thinking about the barriers to success.

My main concerns when James Nored agreed to be my coach were:
1. Wanting to engage others in spiritual conversations.
2. Wanting to live my faith daily and be genuine.
3. Wanting to be more focused in my business and more successful in developing my team members.
4. Wanting to be a better husband, father and friend.
5. Wanting to eat healthy and exercise.

As we worked through the 6 months, James always took time for me. He was focused and professional. He asked me questions that helped me to crystalize my goals. Now, spiritual conversations are happening more often and easier. I am exercising 3 times a week and have done so consistently for 4 1/2 months. I have lost 8lbs. My calorie intake has been nearly cut in half.

James takes a holistic approach to coaching. His passion for helping others grow is contagious. One of the themes is his life is the importance of "serving to others." He doesn't tie any expectation to it and it isn't part of any sales process or way to get a person to jump into the baptistry. He values people, not things. He understands processes, that are needed in order to grow. Also, he believes in and tactfully evaluates the plans to see how they worked. He understands that sometimes adjustments need to be made. I'm not perfect and there were times when I was ashamed that I didn't follow through on an action plan. James was always very considerate and helped me think about the overall goal I wanted to reach. He also helped me decide if I needed a different action plan.

I strongly recommend James Nored as a coach. It is too easy to keep spinning my wheels and not make a plan and work it. The definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results; I have been "insane" definitely, by that definition.

Whether you need a coach to help you reach goals in your business, your ministry area, your non-profit organization or just your life overall, call James."

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India mission work

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India mission work

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