Testimonals for Missional Outreach Seminar


Here are some states and churches where James' seminars have been given.  

  1. Arkansas - Pleasant Valley Church of Christ (Little Rock, AR)
  2. Arizona - Canyon Church of Christ (Anthem, AZ)
  3. California - Glendale Church of Christ (Pasadena, CA), North County Church of Christ (Escondido, CA), Hilltop Community Church of Christ (El Segundo, CA), North Oaks Church of Christ (Canyon Country, CA)
  4. Connecticut - New England Church Growth Conference (Manchester, CT)
  5. Kansas - Westlink Church of Christ (Wichita, KS)
  6. Iowa - Ankeny Church of Christ (Ankeny, IA)
  7. Louisiana - Enterprise Blvd. Church of Christ (Lake Charles, LA), Forsythe Church of Christ (Monroe, LA)
  8. Massachusetts - West Springfield Church of Christ (Springfield, MA)
  9. Missouri - Liberty Church of Christ (Liberty, MO), Odessa Church of Christ (Odessa, MO)
  10. North Carolina - Biltmore Church of Christ (Asheville, NC)
  11. Oklahoma - Edmond Church of Christ (Edmond, OK), Lakehoma Church of Christ (Mustang, OK)
  12. Texas - High Pointe Church of Christ (McKinney, TX), Buckingham Rd. Church of Christ (Garland, TX), Western Heights Church of Christ (Sherman, TX)
  13. Virginia - Fairfax Church of Christ (Fairfax, TX)

James is currently working on scheduling seminars for the rest of the year, and hopes to do seminars in every state!  If you are interested in scheduling a seminar, please contact him at jnored@yahoo.com. Here are a few comments from recent seminars.

John Dobbs, Minister at the Forsythe Church of Christ in Monroe, LA - "I would highly recommend James Nored and this seminar to any church that wants to spark the missional conversation. He speaks with confidence, conviction, and compassion for the lost. We were presented with compelling information and instruction about making all of our activities missional. We were given tools to help us move in the direction of outreach." Read John Dobbs' full review here.

Mike Riley - "Best seminar I've been to in my memory. James is brilliant and a great communicator."


Richard Blaisdell, Minister at Buckingham Rd. Church of Christ in Garlard, T- James, Wow! we had a great time at the seminar!! You did such an excellent job in your presentation and all of the material was so practical! There was much discussion of the ideas you presented in our Bible classes and care groups yesterday. Please pray for us as we consider next steps. ... I'm praying that this seminar will be a positive turning point in the history of this congregation as we try to change from being so inward to being more outward focused. Thanks again James! We're already looking forward to your return for the Spiritual Gift Seminar."

Chad Savage, Youth Minister at Buckingham Rd. Church of Christ
 – “My favorite part of the seminar was [the session on] postmodernism, as I need to know more about the world that teenagers are growing up in today. Being a youth minister, this is key.”

Cheryl Van Dyke, Member at Buckingham Rd. Church of Christ

 – “It was organized so well and ALL so beneficial. Having examples of how to put it into practice is so very helpful . . . Very motivational! Thank you! I needed this. Please pray for our congregation, and me, that we will put this into practice.”

Patti Killingsworth, Member at Buckingham Rd. Church of Christ  – “The seminar gives me hope that I can be a missionary here in my town and make a difference.”

Jeff/Reta Faris Members at Buckingham Rd. Church of Christ – “My favorite part of the seminar was 'remember to pray.' Learn to see what God is already doing or has done-find areas to focus on that are passionate. . . Would be good for youth to hear.”

Alayne Royster, Member at Buckingham Rd. Church of Christ
“The enthusiasm of the Christians in the videos was encouraging – gives me hope that we could turn our decline around.”

Jon Mark Smith, Minister at the 6th and Adams Church of Christ (McGregor, TX) – “My favorite part of the seminar was the small group discussions . . . could you make these longer? Also loved your videos . .  very well done."

Bob Messer, Elder at the Ankeny Church of Christ--"We're excited about the ideas you presented. I did not hear one negative comment. We have several who are excited about implementing your evangelistic approach. We have been looking for ways reach the lost and your ideas make sense. We are in the process of setting up a small group now while the enthusiasm is there. Your knowledge, your enthusiasm for the Lord's work, and your gifted way of presenting it, made it very worthwhile.
I have set in on a lot of seminars-this is without a doubt the most effective one."

Tim Steele, Deacon at Ankeny Church of Christ, Ph.D., Dept. Chair at a Medical University--”James, we can't thank you enough for coming to Ankeny to share your wisdom, knowledge and experience with us!  I've taught a 5-week class on evangelism, preached once about it and co-hosted a LIFE Group focused on outreach, but I believe that your visit was more impactful that all those put together.”

Sarach Bachman, Member at Ankeny Church of Christ, Communication Strategist at a Fortune 500 Company--”I feel that our hearts are truly ready for missional outreach, but we needed to know where to start—needed focus. Your message seemed truly tailored to what are striving for.Lately, I have felt God tugging me towards our suburbs, no matter how hard I fight against it. I don’t want a cookie cutter lifestyle, full of complacency and material things. God’s church in Ankeny, as well as your seminar, is reminding me that people in the suburbs need saving too. Your message reminded me again how lost and lonely people become when they don’t have a relationship with God, and I am seeing my colleagues in a new light.”


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