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Mission in the Book of Acts - The Ethiopian Eunuch

Mission in the Book of Acts

The Ethiopian Eunuch

We are about to head to Ethiopia, Africa, to do mission training for Next Generation for Christ; set up the …


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Story of Redemption Goes to Egypt! - Part 2: The God of Rescue & Moses' Story of Redemption

(Note we will film the first part of this story of Moses being found by the Pharaoh's daughter at the river Nile at the Nile in Luxor--ancient Thebes, one of the capitals of ancient Egypt.)

Does God care about our suffering? Will he rescue us when we fall? When people are out to destroy us? When jobs are taken from us?…


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Story of Redemption Goes to Egypt! - Part 1: Joseph's Story of Redemption and Dealing with Injustice

Lord willing, in November we will be going to Egypt to film the events leading up to, during, and shortly after the Exodus as part of the Story of Redemption! We will be joined in this with two of our trusted crew members, tour guide,Tim Brinley, and video producer, Clint Loveness.

The Exodus of the nation of Israel from Egypt, where they were…


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Christians Aren't Sinners

SHOCKING! Now wait a minute.

I believe it's a healthy practice to read and study on religious things penned by writers I don't agree with because they are asking questions I'm not asking. They turn the camera angle in a way I haven't. It's not that I think they are right, I usually don't. But sometimes I don't even know to ask the question. Here is a faith challenging topic I would like to share and I am sure at first, your going to raise some eyebrows by it's title.

A… Continue

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5 dangers of using technology in the Christian life

Last weekend I presented a seminar at my church's weekend away on the topic ‘Using technology in your Christian life'. I am tidying up these notes to be included in an upcoming post. In the meantime, I'd like to explore the dangers of technology. Obviously I'm a big fan-boy of technology, but it's got its dangers. We need to be aware of these to ensure we don't become a victim, and instead use technology for the glory of God. Here are five dangers that were raised in the seminar or…


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Church outreach idea: Has your life lived up to your expectations?

In this video, Randy Alcorn is asked “how do you help unbelievers see their need for Jesus?”.

Randy has a few helpful things to say, but I found this question particularly helpful:

“Has your life lived up to your expectations?”

While this line has real traction with older people (who have lived much of their lives already), there are plenty of younger people who are disappointed with how life has panned out.

For More Details:



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30 ideas for community outreach

The people in our communities need to hear about Jesus. And on the whole in Australia (and you can share what it's like in your country), I don't think we doing a great job at connecting with our communities. How many people are attending our churches who have never been to church before, or haven't been in years? Or as I asked earlier in the week, if your church burned to the ground would the community care or even notice?

For More Details:



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There are plenty of ways that you can reach our nation on Canada Day (or other special event days throughout the year).  Here are 20 ideas that might spark your imagination.

  1. Canada Day Picnic

    Have a picnic designed to have people in your congregation invite their friends.  Instead of calling it a church family picnic, why not make it a Canada Day picnic?   You could take over a park in your city make it a really fun family event. What a great opportunity to meet…


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Enabling Privacy in Vehicle-to-Grid Interactions for Battery Recharging

The diffusion of Electric Vehicles (EV) fostered by the evolution of the power system towards the new concept of Smart Grid introduces several technological challenges related to the synergy among electricity-propelled vehicle fleets and the energy grid ecosystem. EVs promise to reduce carbon emissions by exploiting Renewable Energy Sources (RESes) for battery recharge, and could potentially serve as storage bank to flatten the fluctuations of power generation caused by the…


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PAPER • OPEN ACCESS Model of interaction in Smart Grid on the basis of multi-agent system

This paper presents model of interaction in Smart Grid on the basis of multi-agent system. The use of travelling waves in the multi-agent system describes the behavior of the Smart Grid from the local point, which is being the complement of the conventional approach. The simulation results show that the absorption of the wave in the distributed multi-agent systems is effectively simulated the interaction in Smart Grid.

For More Details:



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Energy management and renewable energy integration in smart grid system

Smart grid is a concept by which the existing electrical grid infrastructure is being upgraded with integration of multiple technologies such as, two-way power flow, two-way communication, automated sensors, advanced automated controls and forecasting system. Smart grid enables interaction between the consumer and utility which allow the optimal usage of energy based on environmental, price preferences and system technical issues.…

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A review on electric vehicles interacting with renewable energy in smart grid

Electric vehicles (EVs) represent one of the most promising technologies to green the transportation systems. An important issue is that high penetration of EVs brings heavy electricity demand to the power grid. One effective way to alleviate the impact is to integrate local power generation such as renewable energy sources (RESs) into charging infrastructure. Because of the intermittent and indispatchable nature of RESs, it becomes very challenging to coordinate EVs charging with…


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My career first began in interior renovations. About 12 years ago, I started Barroso Homes after a real estate agent told me that I should follow my vision and passion for beautiful things. I love to turn creative thought into beautiful places that will be admired and remembered.

Over the years, our projects have become increasingly larger, more complex, more beautiful, and ultimately more technology focused. I have an awesome team backing me up all the way. We…


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Asking For Trouble's Guide to Setting Up Shop Online "Ecommerce Solution"

Shopify customer has written a great post on her blog. She explains, in plain english, what you’re going to encounter when you’re setting up shop with companies like eBay, PayPal, Etsy and of course Shopify.

“So, you’ve made your products and you want to get them out there for people to buy. What’s the best option for ecommerce? Well, as with most things online, it depends on a lot of different things. There are many different ecommerce options and each have their own pros and…


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Section 809 Panel Chair Calls for Bold Ideas

What is the Section 809 Panel? 

Section 809 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2016 mandated the creation of a panel—composed of experts in acquisition and procurement policy with diverse experience in both the public and private sectors—to examine the current defense acquisition processes and provide recommendations to streamline and improve its efficiency and effectiveness in order to maintain the United States’ defense technology…


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Wall Street Oasis Consulting

The Wall Street Oasis Counsulting hall of fame provides a comprehensive collection of some of WSO's best discussions on the consulting industry. Keep in mind this Hall of Fame does not include Q&A sessions by WSO veterans. To view a full list of Q&A’s & Interviews please navigate Business consulting Solution video . If…


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Smart Grid Interaction

The Power Industry calls for a complete switch into the next generation through automation. Despite monetary issues, power utilities need to begin with basic automation systems eventually upgrading to the advanced systems.  By analyzing the growing power demand and market competence, this is the only way-forward for the domestic power industry. The implementation of Smart Grid is not going to be an easy task as the Indian power sector poses a number of issues  such as minimizing…


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Health Cloud Overview

Salesforce Health Cloud is a cloud-based, patient-centric, world’s #1 health IT CRM system incorporating doctor-patient relationship and record management services. It builds strong one-to-one relationship management through a patient profile that integrates information from multiple data sources. 

With Health Cloud, providers can connect with their patients anywhere, from any device. Salesforce Health Cloud is a patient relationship platform that supports…


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Cloud Computing

Cloud technology is evolving at rapid-fire speed, as evidenced by the investments behind the industry. Worldwide spending on cloud services..

With all this skyrocketing growth, how do you stay up-to-date on the latest, most important cloud news? We scoured the web for the best cloud computing blogs out there, from the top industry experts to lesser-known but equally valuable voices.

For More Info:- …


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3D walkthrough visualization

The non-existing spaces of building is a hard task and we are believed in satisfaction of client. For projects which are still under construction and some are completed with lots of efforts

for more Details:- 3D Walkthrough Video

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