The Story of Redemption grew out of a desire to connect the gospel to where people are today.  It is the product of numerous studies with real people out in the real world, as well as intensive research and formal studies on gospel, culture, and conversion.
People no longer need to simply be better taught about baptism.  They do not know who God is, why they are on this earth, what Christ has done for them, or--the most pressing question that they have--why their lives are so messed up.  
The breakdown of the family, constant relocation, unsafe neighborhoods, abuse, long commutes, and hectic lives have created a sense of distance from God and others.  People today long for community, for a sense of belonging.  They long for a better world--not just in a distant heaven--but a better world today.  What people are most looking for is hope in their lives, an explanation for why their lives and relationships are broken, and a pathway to a better life. 
The Story of Redemption tells that story. 


**To download the FREE ..pdfs of the Story of Redemption, right click on the links below and select "save target as." Or, the files can be opened simply by clicking on them.


Part 1 - Creation (web version)



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Adam, is this how you read this? This is not my intent. I am not seeking to teach that these are literal days at all. In fact, in the poetic nature of the story, the sun and moon are not even created until the 4th day, and it is the relationship of the earth's rotation around the sun that makes a 24 hour day. Obviously, even in a literal reading, these could not refer to 24 hour days when the sun was not even created yet. I am just following the biblical story which divides creation into six "days"--whatever length these were.

I have a Biology degree and was in medical school for a time. I am bothered that the was this is written led you to draw this conclusion, as I do not want to close this group off at all. I really am seeking to avoid these pointless controversies and just get people to immerse them in the text, which is written to tell us about God and our relationship to him, not to address 21st century concerns about science, literalism, etc. I want to correct what has led to this conclusion. What suggestions do you have? Thank you for the feedback.
can you send me that information thanks
jesus christ is i redemption because hecame so we can have therightto the tree of life

Hi James,

I can download these lessons, but I can't seem to print them.  Is that intentional, or am I missing something?



Hi Peter. Yes, the lessons can be downloaded for free, but there is not a printing option. You can purchase the full color Story of Redemption sets by clicking on this link.

Thanks for clarifying.

James Nored said:

Hi Peter. Yes, the lessons can be downloaded for free, but there is not a printing option. You can purchase the full color Story of Redemption sets by clicking on this link.

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