Testimonial for Deaf, Hearing-Impaired Friendly Version of the Story of Redemption Film Series!

Story of Redemption 1.1 - Love and Creation, "In the Beginning" (wi... from James Nored on Vimeo.


Dennis and I were speechless! "Wow!" was all Dennis managed to say!

For me, the fact that I could VIVDLY understand your message without any trouble left me very excited and so deeply touched in my heart. There is nothing I can say. Even "thank you" is such a pale comparison to how I felt watching the video, COMPLETELY understanding everything you said, and the personal message you delivered with the powerful, unique ways God worked through you, James.

Dennis and I watched the video via my iPhone while waiting at an exchange/return customer service department at a store this morning. Our eyes remained transfixed on the screen, totally oblivious to people sitting around us, without concern whatsoever about whether or not the sound on the iPhone was audible for anyone else around us who probably could hear the video.

Thank you SO, SO, SO much!!! Not only is the subtitled feature going to be helpful for those who were born deaf and whose primary language is sign language, the but also for a much wider audience with varying degrees of hearing loss, young and old alike, whether they sign or not.

We are very excited about this!

- Dennis and Cindi Cesone, Hearing Impaired Couple, Fairfax Church of Christ

The Story of Redemption is an evangelistic Bible study series designed to lead seekers to faith and strengthen the faith of believers, professionally filmed in Israel and the U.S.

Do you know of deaf or hearing impaired people or church ministries? If so, please pass this on!

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Comment by James Nored on September 9, 2016 at 5:48pm

Thank you, Ron! I appreciate the encouragement. It was great getting together with you and Patrick. What a blessing you guys are to the kingdom!

Comment by Ron Furgerson on September 9, 2016 at 5:24pm

This is really super, James.  It is done so well and I'm confident would encourage a person,  a seeker, to start thinking more seriously about origins and the questions posed in the video.  I'm praying that God will get the product of your ministry into many hands and will be used by Him in a powerful way for His Kingdom and His glory. <>/p>

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