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As many of you know, I just took a three week trip to Israel to film a major portion of the Story of Redemption, which is an evangelistic Bible study series--being made into a video series--designed to lead seekers to Christ and strengthen the faith of believers. Hopefully God will bless these efforts and help us to make an incredible tool for sharing and strengthening faith to reach the next generation for Christ!

Here is a bit of an update on this ministry:

  • First, I wanted to THANK all of our family, friends, and supporters for your love, prayers, and financial support for this work and ministry. We could not do this without you, so thank you so very, very much! Truly, we have been humbled by those who supported us in so many different ways.

    We have had long time friends, new friends, new converts, and even those who are not yet believers, young and older, who have shown us this love and support.

    Please keep us in your prayers for:
    - More friends and supporters to join us in this ministry to provide prayer, financial support, and network 
    - God's guidance and blessing in putting together the videos for the Story of Redemption to make them as effective as possible and to reach as many people as possible
    - That God will use this ministry to reach many people for Christ and strengthen the faith of believers
  • Second, the Israel filming was an incredible experience and we got some fantastic footage with a talented film crew. We had a great team for this filming. Clint Loveness is a talented videographer, editor, and producer in his own right, a true professional in the field who works for RightNow Media. Clint and I have worked together on video projects for many years, and he did both the early filming of the Story of Redemption and the primary filming over in Israel.

    Tim Brinley was our safe and sure tour guide, who is very knowledgeable, speaks multiple languages, and really made this filming possible (check out Tim's company, CCASTravel for trips to Israel, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, and so much more!). Tim was incredibly helpful and really went the extra mile for us. If you are looking for tour guide about anywhere, Tim is your guy!

    Scott Tiner served as our main second shooter, helped with organization and data management, and with so many other things. Scott is a true servant and allowed us to do far more than we could have done without. This was a fantastic crew who really went the extra mile, working 15-20 hour days--getting up before dawn to film early morning shots, driving all over the country, and working late. I drove the team pretty hard, but they were troopers and really put their hearts into this project.
  • Third, the above video--Resurrection Hope for Our Failure--is the first video put together from this filming. It is a post-resurrection account from John 21, in which Jesus appears to Peter and his disciples at the Sea of Galilee. In this account, Jesus reinstates Peter after his denial of him in the Garden of Gethsemane, and we learn in this that our standing before God is not based upon our performance, but a loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

    This video is a good example video of what we are seeking to achieve through this work and ministry. To film this, we went to the Sea of Galilee before dawn and went out into a period style boat and watched the sunrise--and filmed this with drone shots and slider shots. It includes clips from other places that we filmed at, such as the Garden Tomb and the Garden of Gethsemane--and more will be added. We are making this video available for viewing and use the next three weeks, seeking feedback in putting this video (the first of many in the series!) into final form to make it hopefully as good and helpful as possible.

    So, if you can, please share back to me:
    - 2-3 things that you liked or thought was effective in this video
    - Anything that you think could be improved technically or message wise (note: the video is not in final form yet)
    - How you think that this video could be used--not just in the kingdom at large, but you personally 

    I have already received back great stories of people sharing the above video for hope and encouragement. I look forward to sharing some of these stories with you soon!

Some of the places that we visited and did filming at include: Jerusalem (including Garden Tomb, Golgotha, Church of Gallicantu, Western Wall, Southern Steps, Dominus Flitus Church, Church of All Nations, Mount of Olives, Via Delorosa, Western Wall), Bethlehem, Herodium, Hebron, Judean Desert, Dead Sea, Qumran, Tiberius, Sea of Galilee, Mount Arbel, Mount of Beatitudes, Nazareth, Nazareth Village, Israel Museum, Jericho, Jordan River, Masada, Mitzpe Ramon, Bethany, Bethpage, Jericho, Jericho Rd., Caesarea Phillipi, Caesarea Maritime.

What do you think of the above video? Who could you send this to for encouragement, sharing faith, networking?

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